Tuesday, December 30, 2008

*Family Pictures*

My 3 boys, they are so cute!!
We went to the the Dixie rock and did some family pictures with Brandon's family. These are just some that I took with my camera. It was sooo cold that there noses turned red. Sorry this one is very blurry.

I took this right before the photographer did so I hope it turns out on the professional picture. I just love it!! Langston smiled so perfect:) Drew & Drez are obviously posing. Drez had a hard time with his hands he just kept wiggling them.

*Hangin Out with Mikey & Raquel*

B and I with Mikey and Raquel & of course B has to do his famous face as usual.
Drezden playing with Mikey. Drezden loves playing with him he wishes he could do it all day everyday. It was sad to see him go.

On the way home from playing with Mikey and Raquel. They couldn't be happier. They got some awesome video games from them.

Boys with cousin Langston

The boys feet with baby Langston. I love random pictures of feet especially little baby toes.

The boys all had a mo-hawk day!! I had to get a picture of it. It was too cute!!

Drew with Baby GOO!(Langston) We love to call him baby goo & plenty of other things too!

Monday, December 29, 2008

*Cute Family*

This is us at the end of our big Christmas Day, as you can see the boys had a long and eventful day!