Thursday, April 23, 2009


So we decided to put Drezden in Karate he has been begging for quite some time now & it was just time to do it. He goes to Bobby Lawrence Mile High Karate. He started at the end of March & is absolutely LOVING it!! This is him breaking a board. We are so proud of him. Look at his face he was so in to it:) If he keeps up & stays in Karate he will have his "BLACK BELT" in 2012-2013. WoW!! B & I thought that was so neat. Good job Drez & keep up the great work.
This is Drez receiving an award for getting 100% on his spelling test. We really like the program at Bobby Lawrence they award them for so many different things so it makes the kids want to try harder everyday. We can tell a difference in Drez already. He remembers to make his bed without being asked & to put his clothes away (where they go). He says Yes Mam, No Mam & Yes Sir, No Sir.(Not sure I like the Mam & Sir thing, I told him not to say it to Mom & Dad). Those are just little things, but it makes a BIG difference when I don't have ask him to do it. He has been trying harder in school & has done so much better with reading & spelling. Another thing we really liked is if Drezden gets straight A's in school then his instructor will let him pick out what he wants for lunch & meets him at his school & eats it with him. Drez is so excited for that. He really is loving his instructor Mr. Wilson.

Drezden & Corbin. They had buddy day at Karate & Drez chose to bring his friend Corbin. Mr. Wilson let all the students & their buddies break boards. It was really fun!! Corbin was a little nervous, but after he saw Drez do it he felt a little better about doing it.

Easter party at Karate. They played a game that was really hard. They had to pass these cups to each other without using their hands & try to balance the cup on the straw. It was pretty funny to watch. Drez did a pretty good job:)


Drew sliding into home. I LOVE this picture of him. I just wish Mr. #2 from the other team was out of the way so I could have gotten his face.
Drew's bum I LOVE it!! B thinks I'm crazy, but I have to take at least one picture of it:)
Even though he is 10 years old I still have to spank/squish his bum when he puts his baseball pants on. He gets so bothered with me when I do it:)

Drew about to hit the ball. He has done really well this year. He is really liking baseball this year. In the past baseball has just been something to do. I'm SO glad he is liking it more & more. I have always pictured him being a great baseball player & I think he has the body build for it:) This is the year when he had to try out & it gets a little more serious. B & I really enjoy watching his games. I just need to learn to shut my mouth, but I just can't help it. B is always telling to me to be quiet. If he is telling me to be quiet now than he just better wait until the boys are older & playing high school sports. My mouth will be much louder;)


First of all this boy is crazy!! He got out at first base & this is him running back to the dug out. You would have the thought the world was coming to an end. He is such a show off:)
About to hit the ball. I love his LITTLE bum in this picture. I LOVE my boys bums in their baseball pants:)

Drezden & his friends on his team. He has a lot of his friends on his team this year. He was SO happy about it. I think he cares more about playing with them in the dug out than he does about the actual game.

He does this "ROCK ON" sign all the time & I have no idea where he got it from.
He thinks he is pretty dang COOL!!

Drez & his good friend Carson. They are in the same class at school & are on the same baseball team. They would play everyday if they could.