Tuesday, March 30, 2010

PiNe WoOd DeRbY 2nD PlaCe

Drezden had his 1st pine wood derby tonight & he was SO excited to finally be able to race his FAST car. B let him design his own & he wanted it to look like a bobsled:) He had Drez draw it on paper & then B put his great building skills to work. He is SO creative & amazing at doing little projects. The boys just love when he builds them things. Good job dad. It looked great!!

2nd place winner:) We love you little Drezy.

Right after the first run he scored 1st & he was SO proud. We just LOVE his excited face. So dang cute. He kept saying "YES, YES"

Drezden & Dad
(AwEsOmE TeAm WoRk)

The FAST bobsled:) Designed by Drezden.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

~After Drew's Piano Recital~

Drew had his piano recital tonight & he did a GREAT job!! We are so happy that he has stuck with piano. He is so good at it & it just comes so natural to him. Good job Drew you did AwEsOmE!!! We are SO proud of you & we LOVE you very much!