Thursday, May 27, 2010

"PET DAY" at school

Drew had a pet day last Wednesday & it was really fun!! I of course brought our annoying dog Miley. The kids loved her & she just layed there. It was pretty cute!!!

.Drew and Miley.

Drew and some of his friends. They all LOVED Miley!!!

.Drew and Tyler.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

HaPpY MoThEr'S DaY...

Me & my Mom. She is the BEST!!! She does SO much for me & my family. She would give anything for anyone. When people at work find out I'm her daughter they always say how sweet she is & how lucky I am to have her as my mom. I say yep that's MY mom. She is so creative & talented. (Why didn't I get any of those genes:) She is an amazing cook & makes the best dinners. Drew & Drezden absolutely love her & she does so much for them!! We all LOVE her lots. She works SO hard at work & at home. I honestly don't know how she does it. She always has the grandkids at her house & has so much patience with all of them. I'm so glad she is my mom. Happy Mothers Day Mom!!!

Me & my Mom #2. I have the BEST mother-in-law. She is so great to me. You always hear the stories about "the in-laws" & I'm so glad I have never had to say that. She is so kind to everyone & is such an amazing person. She is also a great cook & works SO hard at everything she does. She is a very kind & loving person. If you were to ask anyone they would tell you the same. Drew & Drezden say she is the BEST Nana ever (notice the sticker on her shirt) I would have to agree with them. Happy Mother's Day Mom #2!!!

Pen Pal Buddies:)

Drezden's class went on a field trip to the park to eat lunch with their pen pal's. Drezden has been writing to his little buddy all year. His name is Habakkuk pronounced (Aba ka). He was so excited to meet him. They were a little shy towards each other at first. I think I did most of the talking:) I had the day off so Drezden really wanted me to come along, so I did. I had a great time eating with them.

Drezden & his friend Logan. They were being so silly!!

Playing games at the park with his class.