Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So I woke up on Saturday morning & B had left me this note on the bathroom mirror. He went to Orem after work on Saturday & then came back on Sunday. I chose not to go with him & he didn't like that at all. I felt bad for not going, but it was such a quick trip that I didn't think it would be worth packing the kids up. So the boys & I stayed home & went & did some stuff together. When bed time rolled around I realized oh man I am not going to sleep good without B next to me. So I went & got Drew out of his bed & made him come sleep in my bed with me. That ended up being a BIG mistake. I had forgotten how awful it is sleeping by him. He kicked me all night long. Let's just say I am glad I get to sleep next to my husband almost every night & I LOVE IT!! I just had to take a picture of his note. Thank you B for leaving me this note & I'm so glad you love sleeping next to me too:)
(By the way my nickname from him is Lou)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

-Drew's PIANO Recital-

The Boys eating refreshments after the recital.
Drew & his really good friend Daniel.
They both did awesome!! We are very proud of Drew & how far he has come with piano. We love you!!