Friday, June 25, 2010


The boys & I LOVE being in a pool. B's parents just finished their pool so we have been having lots of fun there. The boys are so lucky to have both sets of grandparents with a pool. Needless to say were always swimming or laying out. The boys are like little fish. They would swim all day & night if I let them. Thanks for taking a picture of us B. Next time you are swimming with us:)

Being cute little brothers!!!

Being silly brothers!!!

And being goggle DoRkS!!!
Love you Boys!!!

SuMmEr TiMe....

We just love summer well besides the horrible heat. We love going on bike rides. I wish B could of been in the picture, but someone had to take the picture. I didn't notice we were matching until after. So no this wasn't planned:)

Me & my niece Zoey. She loves to have her picture taken & then she thinks she gets to take one of me. I decided she needed to be in it with me:) I just love this little girl.

Our new baby niece Leah. She is just over 2 1/2 months old now. We just love her!! She is starting to Goo & smile so big. She just loves her uncle B & he loves her. He's baby (girl) hungry. I thought it was such a sweet picture of him being cheesy with her:)

B was making some funny faces, but I was just trying to catch a smile on camera. B hates his face in them, but oh I just love the eye contact she has with him. I think it's adorbale!!! We can't wait to do this with a little girl of our own:)


B plays softball every Thursday & we love going to watch him play. My brother in law plays & B wanted to join in so he's been playing for about a month now & loves it!! On the first game he pulled his quad & it still hasn't stopped him. He's pretty dedicated.

He's been frustrated with his hitting, but I think he does great. He hasn't played in a very long time & it's frustrating when you try to jump back in where you left off.

I am so used to taking pics of the boys playing & so I'm not good at taking pics of B playing. Adults move much quicker;) Good job dad we think your great!!


We just LOVE baseball season & are SO sad it's over, but the boys did great this season. Drew was pitcher & is absolutely great at it & he also enjoys doing it. We were so impressed with him. He as a great arm. Good job Drewby.

He did good at hitting also, but were not in love with that ump. Oh man I don't know how many times I yelled at him. B helped out with coaching so when I would scream things at the ump B would give me this look like"shut up";) I just couldn't hold back.

Drezden running in from his 1st homerun ever. We were SO proud of him!!! He was pretty happy himself. Good job Drezy.

He just looked so big this year. It makes me so sad how fast they grow up.