Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fam Pics Nov. 2010

Colts are #1!!!

B's 1956 Buick :)

B's favorite pic of US!

One of the pics we used for our Christmas card.

Another pic from our Christmas card.

My favorite pic. I love the boys faces :) These will be our last family pics with just the 4 of us. Makes me happy & sad :( We're ExCiTeD to add a girl into the mix though!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

~ThAnKsGiViNg TiMe~

I'm a little late in posting, but better late than never. This year I didn't have to work. Wahoo! B's Mammy & Papa came to visit from Arizona which they haven't been here since we got married back in 2001. So it was really neat to have them here. The boys just loved them. They are so fun to be around. I love Papa's humor now I see where B gets a little of his. Those two could be some scary business together:) We wish they could come more often, but they are some BUSY people.

Papa, Mammy, B & Me

My family has a tradition of making homemade noodles the day before Thanksgiving & Drezden loved helping my dad make them. It's a fight every year to let all the grandkids take a turn. So it turns in to a long process.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

3rd on the WAY!!!

We can't believe this either, but we are expecting our 3rd child. It has been almost 9 years since we've had a little one, but I think we can manage:) SO I had to take 2 urine & 1 blood test to make sure there was no mistaken & sure enough they all said POS or + which means PREGNANT!! We are SO excited we don't know quite what to do. The boys are kind of in shock & so they don't seem that happy, yet! We think they will come around later when there's a big belly to show them & then maybe they will realize it's their bro or sis in there. I go to the Dr. on the 19th to find out exact dates & stuff.

Report Card-

Drew broght home his report card last week & we could not be more happy with him. He is such a great student. We are very very proud of him & so happy to have him as our son!

Athena Crowther

It was a very bad couple of days for our family. B's mom had to put down our favorite cat. Drew trying to say good-bye! B's mom has had her for 16 years & it just needed to be done :( Drew loves her dearly & he will miss her, but he will see her again!
(Good-bye Feenie I Love You...Love Drew!!)

Drezden loved to go see if he could find Athena when she was hiding in the house. Drezden is going to miss Feenie too. She was the best cat around. It's hard to say good-bye when your a child & your not sure you understand, but she is in animal heaven.
(Good-bye Feenie I Love You...Love Drezden!!)

B spending his last few moments with Athena. It was SO hard for all of us to watch & not bawl. B was amazing with her. They had a great connection with each other. B will miss Feenie & I'm sure she will miss him too.
They were great little pals.

The boys saying their last good-byes to Athena. I think Athena knows how much everyone loved her. She is in a better place now & all we have are the pictures & memories that keep her with us.

The Saddest & Scarriest for last. I tried to be strong & not cry, but nope that didn't work. I bawled & bawled! I'm looking pretty scary in this pic, but it's for Athena. I love you Athena & hope you are feeling better.
Love, Linny