Thursday, August 26, 2010


Today is our four year Temple Anniversary! We were sealed for time & all ETERNITY in the St. George Temple. Drew was 7 years old & Drezden was 4 years old. Drew remembers all of it & when I ask Drezden he says he only remembers parts of it. It was such a neat experience. I still remember very clearly the feeling I got when the boys were brought in to be sealed to us. It was the most amazing feeling. Seeing them in ALL white was absolutely perfect. B & I both just had these tears that couldn't be held back. I am so happy we made the choice to go with our little family & to have the boys sealed to us FOREVER.

I wish we would have taken more pics, but we were so overwhelmed with everything that pics didn't even cross our minds. I'm just glad we got a few taken:)

This is a little note from the boys to us. They got us some flowers & this is the card that came with the flowers. Of course they had a little help from their Aunt Jocelyn ;) It's so sweet!!! We will hold on to this forever!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

ZoeY GirL:)

Our cute little niece Zoey turned 3. We just love this girl to pieces. She loved her sleeping beauty dress up stuff that we gave her. She is just a princess herself. How do you not spoil her?? She is so fun to buy for. We CAN'T wait to have a girl of our very own:)
Love: Aunt Linny, Uncle B, Dew, & Dezden:)

Zoey & Miley. This was a while back, but it is my favorite pic of Zoey. I put our dog in the dryer just to be silly & Zoey wanted to get in. So I put them both in & it was the cutest thing ever! I had to post it. It's been my phone background forever.

PriNcEss "B"

Haha B has been playing on two different softball teams & one of them started this new thing where if you get the 3rd out you have to wear "The Princess Backpack". I had to sneak a picture of B wearing it. It was pretty hilarious!!

Awww he makes a beautiful PrInCeSs:) Your welcome dear. I Love Ya!!

Just a little Drew time

I'm so glad he lets me lay by him still & watch some T.V. He is such a cuddly kid & I love it!! I know this won't last forever!:( So I will enjoy it while it lasts:) He still loves me & I just don't want him to grow up anymore. I Love You Drewbert!

FIRST day of ScHooL~ 8.11.10

Drew's first day of 6th grade:( He started school about a week ago. He was a little nervous this year since it is a new school for him. I didn't blame him one bit. We went to the open house & walked around for a while & it is definitely different from Elementary. We walked around to find his classes & made sure he felt comfortable. It's so different having 6 periods instead of 1 teacher teaching all the subjects. It does start way earlier in the morning, but I think it will be good for him. He gets to ride a bus with lots of his friends & he is liking it so far:) I am SO sad! I can't believe it. He is so grown up & I don't like it ONE bit! He is such a good kid. Happy 1st day of school Drew. We love you!!

Drezden's first day of 3rd grade. He wasn't nervous at all. He was so excited to go back to school. He loves his new teacher & just can't wait to learn. He got a locker this year & he is so excited. He even climbed in it & shut it. (Hmmm he isn't anything like his dad I promise) little stinker! Thank goodness his friend was around to let him out. I told him don't EVER do that again:) He loves playing football EVERYDAY at recess!! He is loving cursive writing & is learning some multiplication. I'm so glad he is such a great kid. Happy 1st day of school Drezden. We love you!!