Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Birthdays!!!

B is 30!! We can't believe it. I LOVE this picture of him. He is so happy he got the rest of the Harry Potter collection. Good job boys he loves them.

B eating frosting & giving his mom the duh mom look. He had a great day. His mom & dad took us all to Red Lobster & then cheese cake at their house. We were so busy I didn't get any pictures of him with his cheese cake:( He's eating the frosting left over from the cake his mom made me. Which was delicious:)

My Birthday #28!! Having some help blowing out my candles with my nephew (Zachary) & niece (Zoey). They were so excited to help me & who knows what Drew is doing.

Opening my presents. I loved all of them!! B did a great job & I love my new Lady Gaga CD from the boys:)

Zoey & me. I just love this girl. She loves to hang out with B & I.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Arrow Of Light Ceremony

Drew received his arrow of light award tonight. We are SO proud of him. We can't believe he is in boy scouts now. Here is a blurry pic of the fam.

Drew pinning the mothers pin on me:) I am proud to be his mom.

He also received his Webelos award tonight, and a few other pins.

Drezden received his Bobcat award. He's hidden behind the ladder.
Congratulations Drez this is his 1st award to receive in cub scouts.

This is Drew's last time as a cub scout so B & I thought it would be neat to have Drezden get his 1st award & Drew to get his last award together.

:( PooR DreZDeN :(

Poor Drezden he fell ice skating & his front teeth when through his bottom lip & his front tooth has a hair line fracture acrossed it:( This is 5 min after it happened.

He has a swollen chin & a huge swollen bottom lip.

These pics don't give it any justice. He looks pretty bad.
We're so sorry Drez that this had to happen to you.

(-: Brace Face :-)

Poor Drew got braces today. He was excited to get them & now he tells me he doesn't want them. I said too bad they are staying on. I let him pick the color of the bands. Of course he chose pink & black. He always has to be weird. He's been a little sore, but nothing bad. Good job Drew you did awesome.

I've always wanted to watch & see how it was done. They let me & I got a few pics. (The light helps harden the glue) I can't believe it only took 40 minutes to do. Dr. Beckstrom is awesome!!

One brace on so far. His mouth was tired of being open.

Haha his mouth looks like a monkey mouth:) Thanks for being a trooper!!

Monday, February 8, 2010


Drew got to pick out where we went for dinner. He chose Winger's.
Hangin' out with G'pa Fred & G'ma Gina. Thanks for coming to dinner with us.

Hangin' out with Nana Kay & G'pa Kim. Drew was so happy that G'pa Kim was here for his birthday!! Thanks for coming to dinner with us.

Drew was a little shy & blushing. The whole restaurant sang to him. Customers & employees were all singing to him. He was on the spot!!

Drew making a wish & I bet I know what it is, but I won't say a word.

Happy 11th Birthday Drew!!!

* Ice Skating *

Drew chose to go ice skating for his birthday. We were ALL first time skaters it was a pretty funny site. Drew invited his best friend Daniel to come with us too. Drew pushed himself with a bucket until he got the hang of it.

Just giving Drezden a ride on his buchet. He was having a hard time getting the hang of it. We got him smaller skates & finally he could go around carefully & stay close to the edge. We had about 30 minutes left & what do you know Drez falls & hits his 2 front teeth & they went clear through his bottom lip:( So blood was everywhere. Poor kid we feel so bad for him;( He was a trooper. He tried so hard & was finally just gettin the hang of it & BOOM it was OVER!!

Me trying it out for the 1st time. I was kinda nervous about it.
B snapped a pic right when I was passing him to say hi. I'm a cheeseball!!

Drew & his best friend Daniel. Thanks Daniel for being part of Drew's special day.

All of us trying to work together. B broke his foot awhile back & didn't want to chance hurting it again so he sat out & took all these pics for us. I loved ice skating & I want to go again sometime soon. Thanks for choosing ice skating Drew it was a blast!!

DrEw HaLsToN CrOwThEr

Happy 11th Birthday Drew. We love you so much!! I can't believe you were ever this tiny. You have grown up way too fast. You still like to scream like this:) I have always loved staring at you no matter what you were doing. (crying, sleeping, smiling, laughing) I love it all. Thank you for being such a great kid.

Drew & Daddy reading a carburetor rebuild manual. You loved looking at dads vehicle books & magazines. Your dad is such a gearhead. Your bedtime story from dad was all about engines & vehicles. You will forever love chevy's now:)

One of our favorite pics. You were just a chubba lub. I loved to squish your cheeks & thighs. You were the happiest baby boy & always had a smile on your face.

Drew 3 1/2 years old. You started to be a little shy at taking pics, but they always turned out cute!! Nana Kay & G'pa Kim brought you & Drezden matching outfits from Hawaii. You look adorable in it.

You are such a great big brother. Drezden looks up to you so much!! You have always been a leader. You are a great example to your friends & family. Can you please quit growing up so fast. We can't believe you are already 11. We hope you had a great birthday & we LOVE you so much.

Mom & Dad