Saturday, October 31, 2009

...HaPpY HaLLoWeEn...

Our family on Halloween night. I LOVED B as a hippie. We had so many people ask if he was wearing a wig, but those that know B know that his hair is extremely curly & that he can grow an enormous FRO. We had so much fun dressing up. I got to pick out our costumes so B gets to pick next year. We'll see what he comes up with:) Sorry about the dog he wandered over to us just in time.
Crowther Family


Check out B's sweet pants. Haha I died laughing. I'm glad they weren't any tighter:) Thanks B for dressing up with me. I LoVeD it!!

HaLLowEEn at SchOOl

Drezden had his Halloween party at school on Friday & I helped out in his class. I was the only mom that dressed up, but I thought my kids are only young once so I decided to. It took me a while to decide on a costume, but I finally found one.

Evil Warlock & Hippie

Drezden & his friend Brooke

Drew the Zombie & Drezden the Evil Warlock
Freak O's!! They want to be scary things now that their older & I miss the sweet costumes, but I guess I have to let them be BoYs
I had to throw this picture in. B is so creative every year with his pumpkins. We had the 4th annual pumpkin carving contest at pack meeting & B made Snuffleupagus. He finds the weirdest shaped pumpkin & goes from there.

~HaUnTeD HoUsE~

I love Halloween, but I am a chicken when it comes to haunted houses. We go every year & last year I was so scared. I had my face in B's back the whole time. This year Drew & I chickened out. B & Drezden went through & Drezden came out saying oh ya that was awesome. He loves scary stuff. I'm glad I got to hang out with Drew on the grass. He wishes now that he would have gone through, but that's how it always goes:)
The Fam
Me & the boys
Drew & Drezden
Dad & his boys
B & Drezden ready to go inside


The boys have had a great soccer season. I have been horrible at taking pictures of them & they both have done so good this year. Nana Kay came to their games today & they were so excited to have her there. Thanks Nana we LoVe you!!

Drew, Nana Kay, & Drezden
Drew's Team
Drezden's Halloween prize from Mammy. (B's grandma)
Drew got one too, but he put his away to quick.
Drezden's Team