Friday, March 4, 2011


Drew left today on his 1st ever Klondike campout. Geez I hate packing for these things & anyone that knows me knows I pack the whole list. I would hate for my child to be somewhere & need something that he doesn't have. So I know I go overboard most of the time, but I guess he's prepared. B got all his bedding together last night & I ran to wal-mart this morning & grabbed a few things that were left on the list that we didn't have at home.

He said really mom you need to take a picture?? Yep I do. He looks small next to that HUGE backpack :) Hopefully he won't have to pack it around much. The scouts are building snow forts up on Cedar Mountain & sleeping in them. I know it's a great experience for him, but seriously I hate this stuff. I said to a lady the other day no wonder the moms get awarded with their sons when they are receiving awards.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I am 22 weeks today & I can't believe how fast it has flown by. I still have good days & bad days! I feel like a short heffer...oh wait I am! I still need to finish painting by the baseboards. So don't look too close :)

The bump at 22 weeks.

I am trying to be good about pictures, but they are not my favorite. I skipped a few weeks of belly pics. I just wasn't feeling up to it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OUR Bdays!!

B gave me this necklace for my Birthday! (with a little help from me ;) I will add another charm to it when I know a name for our girl. I love it!! We didn't really do the picture thing with our bdays this year, but we went to Red Lobster for dinner & had lots of cake between both of our Bdays!

Dad & his boys on his Birthday!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Aaronic Priesthood.

Drew received the priesthood tonight & we are SO proud of him!

We still can't believe he is 12.

Grandpa. Drew. Nana

After Drew's blessing. I'm so sad my mom & dad left right after the blessing. I will add a pic later with them. Congratulations Drew on receiving the priesthood. We are so proud of you! We love you very much!!

THE Ultrasound

I actually can't believe this! It's crazy to think that's in my belly. I have forgotten this feeling. Here is her profile.

She looks like a lil old man to me, but wow I can't believe the detail. They didn't have this when I had my boys. So B & I were very impressed & shocked. I think it scared B to see this at first.

Our baby girl with her mouth open.

YEP she is still a GIRL!! :) :) :) I was kinda scared to have the REAL ultrasound. I got my little sneak peak at work one day & so to finally have the real one I was nervous!

Just chilling with her hand on her forehead. Her pinky finger is spread open too. She is so cute. We love her already!!

Snuggling with mom!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hApPy 12tH bIrThDaY dReW...

I'm not so sure about this decision, but YES I decided to give it a try & get him a CELL PHONE. He has begged & begged forever, but we have always said NO WAY!! We seriously were having a hard time finding a "cool" gift for him this year. He is growing too fast! So I sent him on a treasure hunt & when he got to the last clue I called the phone & he couldn't open it fast enough. His 1st words out of his mouth were "I thought you & dad said NO??" I laughed & said well we did. but we'll see how you do!! B is still against this phone business!

A new Ripstik. He's been wanting a new one for a while now & finally he got one!

A little pic with the "Birthday Boy!"

We can't belive he is 12 already. Drew you are such a great kid & such a great example. We hope you continue down the path your on. 12 is a special & important age & you have lots coming up. We're so proud that you are choosing to get the priesthood next week. We love ya Labertramus!:)

Love: Mom & Dad

Drew & Me

Drew, Drezden, & Me
"Love my Boys"


Blowing out the candles & making a wish! :-/
I love how the little cousins are blowing their lips like they're gonna blow too.

One stylin' man! He loves his new guitar.

Drew's friend Britton insisted on bringing a present over so Drew said sure. He came over & brought him 1 used sock, tore up underwear, an orange, & 1 dollar. They laughed SO hard it was very creative on Britton's part. He says the real gift is coming later. What cute boys they are :)

My mom is so creative. I loved the writing on the present!

Just what he wanted VANS. Oh wait he just always wants MORE!
(Thanks G'ma & G'pa for the shoes)

~18 weeks & 2 days~

Drew is getting good at taking belly pics for me:)

We were in Prescott Az at the time these pics were taken from our hotel room. Which that is another post i will be posting about later on!

I can't belive the difference one week can make. This is all going by so fast! We can feel our baby girl move all the time now! I love it! B felt her for the 1st time yesterday! His face had shock written all over it. It was cute! He said "was that her?" I said yep & he just kept saying wow I can't believe it! :)