Tuesday, February 15, 2011

THE Ultrasound

I actually can't believe this! It's crazy to think that's in my belly. I have forgotten this feeling. Here is her profile.

She looks like a lil old man to me, but wow I can't believe the detail. They didn't have this when I had my boys. So B & I were very impressed & shocked. I think it scared B to see this at first.

Our baby girl with her mouth open.

YEP she is still a GIRL!! :) :) :) I was kinda scared to have the REAL ultrasound. I got my little sneak peak at work one day & so to finally have the real one I was nervous!

Just chilling with her hand on her forehead. Her pinky finger is spread open too. She is so cute. We love her already!!

Snuggling with mom!!

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