Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hApPy 12tH bIrThDaY dReW...

I'm not so sure about this decision, but YES I decided to give it a try & get him a CELL PHONE. He has begged & begged forever, but we have always said NO WAY!! We seriously were having a hard time finding a "cool" gift for him this year. He is growing too fast! So I sent him on a treasure hunt & when he got to the last clue I called the phone & he couldn't open it fast enough. His 1st words out of his mouth were "I thought you & dad said NO??" I laughed & said well we did. but we'll see how you do!! B is still against this phone business!

A new Ripstik. He's been wanting a new one for a while now & finally he got one!

A little pic with the "Birthday Boy!"

We can't belive he is 12 already. Drew you are such a great kid & such a great example. We hope you continue down the path your on. 12 is a special & important age & you have lots coming up. We're so proud that you are choosing to get the priesthood next week. We love ya Labertramus!:)

Love: Mom & Dad

Drew & Me

Drew, Drezden, & Me
"Love my Boys"


Blowing out the candles & making a wish! :-/
I love how the little cousins are blowing their lips like they're gonna blow too.

One stylin' man! He loves his new guitar.

Drew's friend Britton insisted on bringing a present over so Drew said sure. He came over & brought him 1 used sock, tore up underwear, an orange, & 1 dollar. They laughed SO hard it was very creative on Britton's part. He says the real gift is coming later. What cute boys they are :)

My mom is so creative. I loved the writing on the present!

Just what he wanted VANS. Oh wait he just always wants MORE!
(Thanks G'ma & G'pa for the shoes)

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