Friday, December 31, 2010

**New Years Eve**

Happy New Years!! We went to "Last Night" (aka First Night) for a little while. Our cute boys in front of the signature wall. We froze our butts off. It was SO dang cold we couldn't stand it anymore. We even went prepared & bought some hot chocolate & it just wasn't working. If B was complaining then I know it was cold. My real camera died & I thought I had my lighting on my Droid figured out, but apparently not! So these pics will have to do :)


Mom & her Boys!

Dad & his Boys!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Grandpa Fred's 54th B-day!

Yep we are MEAN. My dad celebrated his 54th birthday on Dec. 29th & we all went to dinner to Texas Roadhouse & of course we told the waitress it was his birthday & the saddle was a MUST! Sorry Dad. I think he felt like he had to because he had an audience & of course I had the camera:)


Us freezing at my families cabin.

A few weeks ago we took the boys to Pinevalley to go sledding. They LOVED it!! They love the snow because they hardly ever get to see it. I woke up one Saturday & said I want to go play in the snow. B said lets GO! So we left. Ate some snacks on the way up & hung out for a few hours. I wish there would been a little bit more snow, but it was still fun! My family has a cabin there so it was nice the sleds were already there & ready to be used:)

YaY they were so excited!!

Ya B had to sneak a pic of me & my fat butt on the sled. OHHH poor me, but I had fun!!

B just enjoying the sun & the snow. Sun & Snow= Heaven to B!
Oh & I love that B is wearing my gloves....they look so good on him ;)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

***ChRisTmaS dAy 2010***

Drew said I better not put one picture of him on here in these pajamas. How sad it has come to this:( How can I not it's Christmas! No more special jammies for him & definitely no more that match his little brother.

I was a bad picture taker that morning. I cut off half of his presents. I was up till 3:30 wrapping & then the boys got up at 6:30. I was so nauseous & tired! So I guess I was half asleep. Drezden couldn't wait to dive in. I didn't even get a pic of his big basketball hoop that Santa brought. Bad mom!

There's a true smile. He loves his Ihome.

Drezden with his Harry Potter wand (Death Eater Swirl) . He couldn't wait to use it! B & Drew also got one. I don't know what their fascination with these wands from Noble collection are, but they are kinda cool to collect. B is a big Harry Potter fan & the boys are starting to love it too & for me I'm ok to watch a movie here & there, but that's IT!

Hollister cologne. Smells yummy! Yep going on 12 & wants to smell good already ;-)

Operation is a must. I love this game. He used to have it when he was younger, but he lost all the pieces.

The only pic of me on Christmas. I was not feeling well. I'm so pale, but I love my new wallet.
Baby Crowther wasn't being nice to me that day:(

Drew's scooter that he had been wanting. He was SO stoked about it! His smile says it all :)

He had to put it together & ride it around the house.

Drezden asked for this Harry Potter cane/wand for his birthday & we decided to get him 2 other ones & told Nana Kay & Grandpa they could get him this for Christmas, so he had NO idea that he was getting this & he couldn't believe his eyes!

Dad helping & showing him how to take the wand in & out of the cane.

Here it is!! Lucious Malfoy's cane/wand :)


Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010~

We had our yearly family Christmas Eve party with my family. My sister Janessa & her husband Josh were in charge of the games. We played "In It To Win It" It was fun & a challenge at times. Some of the family didn't play just watched & laughed.
Drew had to start out with two pencils on top of his hands and flip them up & catch them, then keep adding two more until he got to 12. He made it to 10!

Drezden had to unroll both rolls onto his arms, but his arms aren't that long so he had a hard time doing this, but it was fun to watch him go crazy!

Now my dads was hilarious. We laughed & laughed not thinking he could do it & he DID IT!! he had to bounce eight ping pong balls out of an empty kleenex box straped to his behind. HAHA he fooled us!!

Oh I think I had the WORST ONE. Start with a cookie on your forehead & try to bring it down to your mouth without touching it with your hands or dropping it off your face. Just using your face muscles. As you see I got it to my mouth & then it fell. IT WAS SO HARD!!

Drezden round two: He did a chocolate unicorn & DID IT!!

My Grandpa did the chocolate unicorn & we helped him balance them just a little:)

Lauren did not want to play, but we talked her into it! She had to swing the banana from her pants & hit the orange into the square with no hands. She DID IT!

My Aunt Lisa had to put saltine crackers in her mouth I believe it was 3 of them & then try to whistle. Haha it was so funny! She couldn't do it. She just blew crumbs instead:)

My Grandma had to blow a deck of cards off a cup. There was a JACK at the bottom & she had to make sure to not blow that one off the cup. We couldn't believe it she really DID IT!

My sister Aimee had to scoop with her mouth small noodles onto a spaghetti noodle. Piece of cake! She DID IT!!
Thanks Janessa & Josh for the games it was fun!
Thanks to my Aunt & Uncle for having us all over for dinner & games:)
Christmas Eve 2010!!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

The BIG #9 for Drezden!!

Drezden had his 9th Birthday a couple days ago & he had been counting down the days till it was his "Special Day" He was so happy when it finally got here.
We put most of his gifts on his bed to see what he got & we think he scored!

Opening presents!!!

Loves his new scooter from Grandma & Grandpa
He also got a Rip-stik from Nana Kay & Grandpa, but it was getting here a little late, but he has it now & loves it!

Nana Kay made Drez her special chocolate cake & he was thirilled about it! I asked him what kind of birthday cake he wanted & he said he would think about it. Nana Kay was watching him one morning & I received a text from Nana Kay that was so cute. It said Nana Kay you are making me a chocolate cake for my birthday. You just don't know it yet & my mom doesn't either:) Of course she was willing she always is. We all love this cake!
Make a wish Drez!!

. Drezden the BIG #9 .

We went to Pizza Factory & #9 pizza was a must! :)

Daddy lighting the candles!
Thank you to everyone that came to dinner & came for cake & icecream. That was very nice of you!
DREZDEN LOGAN CROWTHER, we LOVE you so much!! & we hope you enjoy being 9.
Thanks for being such a wonderful kid! We love you SO SO much!!
Love, Mom & Dad

Sunday, December 19, 2010

ChRistMaS TimE...

The boys love decorating for Christmas. We put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving & we look forward to it every year. Just getting started. Drew looks like he is about as tall as the Christmas tree, but I promise it's just the pic. He is getting VERY tall though.

Drew hanging his 2010 ornament on the tree. My mom has a tradition where she gives her grandkids an ornament every year. The kids LOVE it!

Drezden reaching tall to put on an ornament. He always want to put them up to the top:)

We got to babysit my niece the other night & where do I begin...this boy is so sweet with Leah. She just loves him! He can get her to smile by just looking at her. It's SO cute!!

We had to take off her clothes & let her munch on a biter bisquit. She was lovin' life:)