Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Drezden's Baptism 12.29.09

Drezden's baptism went great. B & Drezden were so excited. They both looks so cute in their white outfits. We are so proud of Drezden for making the decision to be Baptized. We just can't believe he is 8. We want to thank everyone that was part of his day & a big thanks to G'pa Fred & G'pa Kim for their talks. Congratulations on your baptism Drez.

Us on our way out the door.

Happy Drezden & one proud Dad:)

Drezden's BIG cookie from bishop Mitchell. He promised him a big cookie & he wasn't kidding:)
Drezden was so nice to share it with his big brother. It was so cute they took it to Drezden's room & dipped it in milk.

After Drez was baptized cousin Langston came over & gave Drez a big hug. Such a sweet little boy. We were so happy he could be here for it.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Drew's most FAVORITE gift of all. Let me clear my throat. Drew is almost 11 & he decided that he wanted to see if Santa Claus was REAL or NOT??? So he decided that he would ask Santa for a mini pocket bike for Christmas. What do you do in this situation? Needless to say Santa brought him his request:) What we will do for our kids.

Drezden's most FAVORITE gift of all. He has been asking for a DS forever!! Santa finally brought him one. He was so HAPPY!! I wish they stayed little forever. I'm sure in know time he will be asking for the BIG stuff.

The boys opening their presents

The fam on Christmas:) We had a great Christmas this year.
The boys always look so beat up on Christmas. I can't believe Drew has 1 shoe on. Drezden had a big wod of gum on his front teeth so I had to retake a pic. You can always count on one of us to make a picture goofy.

I haven't seen B smile like this in a long time. He was oh so happy about his new I-pod. He's been stuck with a 4GB I-pod for about 3 years & those that know him, know how important music is to him. Thanks to his mom & dad he now has a 160GB:) & for me I hate pics of myself so I will write my favorite gifts. I got money & a new CHI hair straightener:)

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Drezden celebrated his 8th Birthday yesterday. We took him to dinner to celebrate. Drew, G'ma Gina, G'pa Fred, & Nana Kay all came along (we missed you G'pa Kim). He chose a new restaurant in town. "The Bent Fork". It was YuMmY. Then all the fam came over for cake & ice cream.
Blowing out the candles.

Goof ball. What's wrong with using a fork?

Scored!! This boy is obsessed with BAKUGANS. Thank you G'ma Gina & G'pa Fred.

Waiting patiently while I took pics. He got everything he wanted & then some. Thank you everyone for being part of his special day, & thank you for all the presents. Some favorite things he received.....
New COLTS jersey (Manning). From-Nana Kay & G'pa Kim
Playstation 2 Games. From-Dad & Drew
Terminator Salvation & Crayola 3-D set. From-Mom
Money $$$$


Drezden had his friend Birthday party at karate. Mr. Wilson ROCKS!!! He did EVERYTHING for the party. Pizza, drinks, cake, treat bags, invitations, games & all the entertainment:) We just had to let him know who was invited. He gives the students their 1st Birthday while being in Karate FREE!! Seriously I couldn't believe it. It was a BLAST!!!
He got to cut his cake with Mr. Wilson's real Samurai Sword. He couldn't wait for this. It was so fun for him. Thanks Mr. Wilson!!!

Opening presents from his friends:)

The party gang.
(Drew, Jaden, Megan, Matt, Carson, Bryce, Zachary, Drezden, & Mr. Wilson)

Friday, December 18, 2009

DrEzDeN LoGaN CrOwThEr

Happy 8th Birthday Drezden. We can't believe it has been 8 years already. We are so happy to have you in our family. You had a rough start when you entered this world 5 weeks early & scared us all. After spending 4 days in the SCN you were finally able to come home with us. It was the best Christmas present EVER!! You have always been a little fighter & we do not know what we would do without you. We LOVE you SO much!!!
...Brothers are the BEST...
Drew & Drezden FOREVER!!

Drezy is a water lover, he loved his baths, & he still does:)

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these BIG brown eyes. Can they get any bigger.

Love these little teeth. Such an innocent little face. We hope you had a great Birthday!!!
Mom & Dad

Monday, December 14, 2009

...CoLtS 13-0...

B went with his Dad to the Colts vs Broncos game in Indianapolis on Sunday. They have made a tradition of going to a Colts game every year. They LOVE going & have the best time together. I'm glad they get to spend time with each other. They had GREAT seats too. Drew & Drezden can't wait to go along someday:) He brought them back some nice treasures & of course a football.
Reggie Wayne. We LOVE this guy:)

Before every game Reggie Wayne comes over into this end zone & gets the crowd going & everyone chants "REGGIE REGGIE" pre-game ritual. B & his dad always get seats in this end zone.


Thank you for the new hoodie...I LOVE IT!!!